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Instrumentos Musicales Online, your music shop. Here you will find a great variety of wind instruments and accessories of the best brands.

Our providers

trombone from brassego We are collaborating with the most prestigious manu­facturers: Stomvi, Brassego, Treepur, Spiri, Josef Klier, Warburton.

All their products you can find in "Instrumentos Musicales Online".

We also have accessories for relaxing and for strengthening the lip muscles from 4i-TECH.

Wind Instruments

STOMVI Fluegelhorn We have specialized in wind instruments.

Please, visit our online shop Instrumentos Musicales Online and you can check our great variety of products.

For example our saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, horns, trombones, ...

Online shop for musical instruments and accessories for wind instruments

clarinet PARIS from TREEPUR Instrumentos Musicales online has a great variety of sounds which you will encounter with the musical instruments which we offer.

Our manufacturers are famous for their dedication to the studies of the best sounds producable, for the quality of materials used and their manufacturing technique:

Brassego with its manual finishing, are perfectioning the details of every instrument which leaves the workshop.

Treepur with its clarinets made of especially developed plastics material, have achieved excellent sound qualities; their clarinets made of grenadil wood are producing a high quality sound spectrum at all the register.

Don't hesitate! Enter in our Online shop for musicians!

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trumpets from SPIRI

Spiri has developed the system VARIO, which makes it easy to change the trumpet for different sound qualities; the mouthpieces of SPIRI have not only abeautiful design but also produce a frequency rich sound.

Stomvi with its experience of more than 30 years on the market of wind instruments, has (after its success with its famous trumpets), realized new projects with other instrument families, of course, with the traditionally guaranteed quality of the house STOMVI.

Josef Klier became famous for its excellent mouthpieces for all the brass instruments. He is represented at all the exibitions of music and always surrouded by a crowd of clients because of the quality of the mouthpieces.

Fiberreed de Harry Hartmann. These synthetic reeds have been developed by Harry, a professional saxophonist. He designed the reeds with a combination of different materials and has succeeded to present different models. Now, you can enjoy the synthetic reeds not only for classical music, but also for modern pop, jazz, etc.

Instrumentos Musicales Online, is one of the most competitive online shop with respect to quality and prices.

SPIRI workshop We have specialized for Wind musicians. Our market is directed towards brass and woodwind musicians, for musical instruments as well as for accessories.
Search and find your next musical instrument! The online shop is open 24h/7 days.

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french-horn from STOMVI You can compare our prices. At "Instrumentos Musicales Online" we always offer the most competitive prices. Wir setzen alles daran, dass du deinen Einkauf bei uns geniessen kannst.

Remember: Instrumentos Musicales Online has great wind instruments with excellent quality and an economic price!

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The opinions of our clients:

M.Cruz: I have decided for the trumpet MASTER from STOMVI and I fell in love with its sound. I will never change again my instrument.
A. Becerril: The like offer of musical instruments from Instrumentos Musicales Online very much. They are really working with the best on the market. I found the french-horn TITAN from STOMVI in their shop with the best price compared to other shops.
Adolfo: The bass trombone BIG MAMA from which is offered at Instrumentos Musicales Online has a bell of 260mm. This is exactly what I was looking for in order to use it in my orchestra. I have selected the Singing Bell treatment in order to increase the resonances and to improve the sound of the instrument.
Pablo Daniel I.: I bought my second alto saxophone and as a student, I also had an eye on the design. Since I play jazz music, I dicided for the FIFTY FIVE from TREEPUR and I bought it at the online shop "Instrumentos Musicales Online" at a good price.

What are you waiting for?

Instrumentos Musicales Online is your online shop, and we bring every product to your door!
Visit our online shop for musical instruments - and realize your dream!

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